Brand Cases
Brand Cases
Online monitoring systems for Tibet Power Grid and Sichuan Power Grid Interconnection Project
     In Jun 2014, Tibet Power Grid and Sichuan Power Grid Interconnection Project started with the aim to connect Changdu Tibet power grid and sichuan power grid, therefore Changdu Tibet power grid is no longer operated independtly and to improve electricity supply in Changdu. The distance of this project is more than 1500km and most areas are high mountains and no man’s land with average altitude of 3850 meters and 4980 meters highest, it was one of the most challenging transmission project in the world. HYOC supplied online monitoring systems for this project, including partial weather OLMS,  conductor sag OLMS, Aeolian Vibration OLMS, wind deviation OLMS, tower inclination OLMS, and all-in-one communications set on towers. We conqured difficulties like high altitude, thin air, etc, and completed the installation perfectly and in time. All of our goods and service were tested and accepted by customer.

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